Saturday, June 30, 2012

AP Computer Science Mastery Packets

Ideas for Badges

This year I tried flipping in my AP Computer Science class. Overall the results were pretty good - of course I won't know for sure until the scores come in next week. (Post from last summer on flipping)

One of the core pieces this year was mastery. I had several students that were weaker than normal with the basics of programming. It really doesn't matter how well you understand inheritance, if you cannot write an if-then statement you are toast on the free response section.

So as a part of flipping I started doing mastery quizzes. I started them at the beginning of second semester. The quizzes are short and sweet. Fast to take and easy to grade. It gave me a quick picture of who needed to review the basics.

If the student got a 90 or above they had demonstrated mastery. If not they had to come in to review before retaking the quiz.

If you are interested you can use the quizzes posted here. They are not complete (is anything ever). My retakes for ifs/loops happened on the board not on worksheets. As I finish them I will post them.

I have thought about designing badges to cover these basic skills. Rather than making this a graded assignment they retest until they earn their "badge".

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