Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why you Need a Popcorn Maker

Ok - I know, this is not exactly a programmable device.

But, I am assuming you want to get kids into your lab. I spent $20 on this last year and it has by far been the best piece of equipment I have added to our lab.


  • Teenagers like food
  • I have never in 16 years had a kid allergic to pop-corn
  • It is cheap food, and I am a teacher...enough said
  • As a mom I like that popcorn is relatively healthy. We eat it plain - no junk added. They grumble, but they still eat it.
  • The aroma brings kids in from the hall. I have at least two kids in my classes this year that first came to the lab for the popcorn


  1. Not sure I can get away with this. We're not supposed to have food in our computer labs. Don't tell administration about the pretzel nuggets I hide in my desk for hungry students. :-)

  2. I guess a popcorn maker isn't quite so subtle :)


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