Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mapping the Internet

Whenever we start a new topic I love having an activity to set the tone. I came across the Mapping the Internet a few weeks back.

The projects asks people to "Please draw a map of the Internet, as you see it. Indicate your "home".

Yesterday I wrote about HTML in my Internet Unplugged unit. I think this would be a fun way to start off that unit.

My Daughter's Maps
They have a taxonomy of these maps. Which of course is data - another big idea from CS Principles. From here it would be interesting to collect the student's drawings and do some discussion board topics about what they drew. Were there common themes? How did your map change after learning about the physical parts of the Internet? Did it change after learning HTML and CSS?

Another thing I try to do is set a presence for computer science in my school. Wherever we can I do art projects and hang them in the halls around the building. This would be another great way to get computer science out of the lab.

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  1. I like MINE best. It's the one that actually looks like a map!! My sister did the other one.
    (o: MED :o)


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