Friday, July 13, 2012

My Brain Might be Full

As always CS & IT was amazing this year. I got back from California Wednesday night. Our presentation about CS Pricniples went well. At least I assume it did. Lots of good questions and no one threw anything.

Every presentation I sat in on was great. I'll summarize those later when I am a bit mor caught up and my kids stop asking who the strange lady walking around the house is. All the presentations are here.

Of course one of the best parts about the confernece is seeing everyone. I still find it a bit funny to talk to folks that wrote the books I turn to all the time in class. I have not yet asked anyone to sign anything, I don't want to come off as too stalker-ish.

We are still hard at work planning our own Virginia conference this September 28th. Lots of fun things planned for everyone. I hope to bring a small slice of the energy from CS & IT back home to Virginia.

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