Friday, May 31, 2013

And the Pig Had My Clothes In Its Mouth

Things overheard in the lab today - all good stories should end this way.

1) You know you teach at a rural school when...I also get offered live chickens and produce, so it is pretty good overall.
2) I both do and don't want to know the rest of this story. And no, I didn't ask. I used my super power, the teacher glare, we were all left hanging.
3) For the love of all that is holy this year needs to end.

Yup, we are still in school. It seems like every other teacher I know is out for summer break now. Pictures on Facebook of fabulous travels. And of course all the best people are at the APCS Reading this week.

And here I am trying to make teenagers learn, which according to all the people I spend my day with - specifically those between 14 and 18 - is completely unreasonable. Their brains are full, and it is sunny, so really I am mean. And nasty.

The funny part in between all of the grumbling they are actually working pretty hard. Except maybe the pig kid.

My intro classes are doing Codeacademy for their final project - make a web page about anything you want. Except pigs.

The AP kids are finishing up their final projects - thus the inside out computer project. The APCS Principles kids are finishing up the programming portfolio, so all in all some good stuff is happening.

And this is why I teach. Most days are pretty good, if not downright hilarious, and sometimes despite ourselves some information gets planted in their heads.

Nine days left people. Not that I am counting.


  1. You are not alone. Eight days left for me and my students also believe it is silly of me to still be trying to push information into their heads.

  2. About time, no thank you to the one week headstart though!

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  3. Rural excuses are the best excuses.
    1. It is at home and I cannot get home until the mud dries.
    2. It froze to the truck seat.
    3. Johnny will miss a couple days of school next week. We are cutting grain and he has to drive a grain truck. (Johnny was 14.)
    4. Can I have your kids first period for Biology? The weather is warming up and the cow we are dissecting is going to start stinking in a couple of days if we do not get done. (The dead cow was just beyond the end zone of the football field.)

    Rural teaching was always interesting.

  4. I will never forget the track meet where we got completely beaten by one of the city teams. Hoss, our school's cow, had his pen near the track.

    He started mooing and the girls relay team took off scared to death. They had never heard a moo before. I think land speed records were set that day.

    Also, the kids used to get the first day of hunting season off as an excused absence.

    And, while we are at it, I lose one or two textbooks a year to deer blood ("we went huntin and I left my backpack in the back of my truck)


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