Friday, September 30, 2011

Podcast Roundup

Today and tomorrow I am participating in VASS AP training. the best part is having time away from the hubbub of the classroom to reflect and plan a bit. On the way there and back today I caught up on podcasts. It was a nice break, the kids have been listening to Harry Potter audio books, so some grown-up listening was much appreciated. The September 21st episode of the NYT Tech Talk was especially good. It covered:
  • New Google Wallet. This would be good for classroom discussion about security. They also mention an article about hacking that says it wold take a hacker less then 18 minutes to hack a 4 digit pin. (Will your Google Wallet be stolen in 18 minutes? ( )
  • They talked about the online game Fold It - recently online players helped crack some of the Aids mystery.
    BBC Article
  • They did an interview with the founder of Dot Com. This service lets you test and receive information back from a website...even if you are not using a smart-phone. Dot Com

    The thing I love about this is they use their own markup language to embed the information. I think it would be interesting to contrast that to HTML...just to get across what a markup language is.

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