Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School

So Tuesday we start off the new school year. My classes are full to bursting this year - which is kind of exciting. We are even having to add extra computers to fit every one.

One of the things I did for the online Algebra class I taught this summer was a discussion board entry where students introduced themselves to the class. Since the course is online it is easy to feel disconnected from everyone. This year I am starting off each of my computer science classes with a similar intro.

Since we do lots of groups/partner work I figure it can't hurt to know a little more about the folks around you. Plus, I think we all make the assumption as teachers that the kids all know each other. That assumption can make someone feel pretty alone in a crowd. I start off by answering the questions myself, just to set the tone.

For the CS Principles class we'll start next week on how to do effective discussion board postings.

Discussion Board Topic:
Introduce yourself to everyone.

Make sure to tell us:
  1. I am in the __ grade
  2. The favorite thing I ever learned in a class is ...
  3. I am excited about taking computer science because...
  4. The biggest question I have about this class is...
  5. One thing people would be surprised to know about me is...
To get credit for this assignment you must answer all of the questions, and ask a question of one other student. Make sure to answer any questions folks ask you.

Do you do anything similar?

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