Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We are registering for classes on Dec 14th this year. Really early, but it overlaps nicely with CS Education Week. Have you pledged to participate? Do it now, I'll wait.

So this year the CS club is holding an open house during our regular weekly meeting. I haven't had time to go to classes to do demos, so instead I am asking teachers to nominate students they think will do well.

Next week I will hand deliver a nomination letter to each student  inviting them to the open house. I usually also mail a letter home to the parents letting them know their child was nominated.

The plan is to have student programs set up to demo what we do in the various classes. I usually try to serve food - this year we're doing ice cream and toppings. CS Club kids bring in the toppings and I supply the ice cream.

Also, following the rule of reciprocity, everyone will get a button. They all say Computer Science is... then the words underneath were suggested by my current students. I do think the button maker is one of the best investments I have ever made - super useful.

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