Friday, December 28, 2012

Best Diet Ever- Teaching my Butt Off

Seriously - crazy year, but good crazy. Great classes, great kids.

But the reality of teaching Computer Science in high school is a lot to expect. I teach 5 different subjects in a total of 7 sections. I have students assigned to me during my planning and lunch. I run a club, I tutor, I nag I cajole. I work evenings, and weekends, and for the record I have never taken a summer off. 

And some days I look down and realize I am dressed like Ms. Frizzle from Magic Schoolbus.

If you find me wearing this please call someone.

There are very few materials genuinely good materials out there for HS kids. Yes, Exploring CS and Codeacademy are changing that landscape, but compare these to what the average Spanish teacher or Algebra teacher has and it is pretty thin.

On the upside all this skipping lunch and running around means I have lost weight, which is great going into the holiday season.

So as I wind down 2012 I am super thankful for the opportunity to teach computer science. Happy to be out there trying to make it easier for the next group of CS teachers. Happy to have met so many great people along the way.

Have a Super New Year folks!

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