Friday, March 29, 2013

Data Unit: Day Five

(This is a day by day of the Data: Lets do the Numbers Unit in CS Principles. The overview is here.)

Today is the end of the marking period, so we only had class for 45 minutes.

We started by posting some of the questions they developed last class about the crime data set we have been looking at. I use the LinoIt website a lot for these kinds of activities. It lets them post sticky notes on a website. Some of these questions are shown above. The advantage is you can sort the sticky notes into piles.

Next I had them read through the questions and see if they could come up with two broad categories for the questions. We had to talk it through a bit, but they decided some of the questions could be answered with the data they were given, and some needed more information.

In general this is the difference between being the original researcher and being the end user of data. For the portfolio we are the end user.

For that last part of class we watched Rick Smolan's talk at the Ted Youth conference earlier this year. Skip ahead to minute 11.

When we come back from break they will be starting with their partner on the data portfolio.

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