Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Printing - in 3D

Our new 3-D Printer:

Bits and Pieces

The computer club kids have been working all year to raise the money for our new 3-D Printer. They bought it from Printrbot. They offer a $150 teacher discount, which helps.

Hopefully it starts looking like this by Friday:

I have been working over the past year to build the lab into a hacker space. We have programmable sewing machines, screen printer, button maker and now the printer. It has created a lot of excitement around the computer science program here and brings a lot of kids into the lab.

Is this computer science? Maybe. Computer Science folks never question having robots in the lab, and frankly the amount of "coding" that goes into the embroidery sewing machine or the other stuff is about the same as many simple robots like the Finch (with Snap).

For me it builds a culture of creating and crafting, with coding at the core, and that is enough.

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