Saturday, December 15, 2012

Weekly Roundup - Computer Science Surfing

Some Computer Science websites I've been looking at this week:
  • Little Bits these kits let you build circuits. They snap together with magnets. When we cover conditionals in the CS Principles class we also do logic gates and circuits. This could be a fun way to visualize this.

  • Ted Talk Andrew Blum. What is the Internet Really? We're just finishing up our Internet unit in CS Principles. Monday is our last day before break and this will be a great way to finish up the whole thing.
  • While you are at it you should really read his book: Tubes . My fantasy field trip at this point is to go to Northern VA and visit the parking garage he mentions that housed the early pieces of the Internet. Then we'd have ice cream, because sometimes that's what it takes to make a parking garage exciting.
  • Ada Lovelace Video - Her birthday was on Monday. This video is the best explanation I have found about why she matters. The kids seemed to like it to. It is always a good sign when they 1) watch the video without trying to sneak in a round of Bloons Tower Defense and 2) ask questions after it is done. Score on both counts.
  • Also on Monday Google did a Doodle of Ada. As always, Google helps make it relevant.
  • The rest of the video series also looks great - covers everyone from Alan Turing to Hedy Lamarr.
  • Also: Good article about Facebook Interns on why CS is a good choice.
  • Also, if you are feeling crafty - This site has templates for Star Wars snowflakes.

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