Monday, December 17, 2012

Why Code Academy is Awesome

We have been using Codeacademy in the CS Principles course to cover HTML and CSS (the abstraction part of the Big Ideas). IT is a great tool - lets the kids self pace, give instant feedback. They have made some pretty amazing things.

Plus the site uses badges to track progress. You know how I love badges.

I just got this e-mail from them - such a grreat summary of why Computer Science is important:

You’ve been a Codecademy student for a month now. Well done!

Here’s why that’s great news for you:

We believe that learning how to program is the best job security you can have because it’s more important than ever before to understand the systems we depend on every day.

The need for computer literacy has never been greater. As a Codecademy user, you’re getting a head start in many ways:
  • You’re learning how programs function, and how to control them
  • Programming is a skill that’s virtually guaranteed to help you get a job
  • By learning to code, you’re becoming a creator: someone who makes things happen
  • You can create programs, games, web pages and animations
  • As your coding skills grow, you can share knowledge and even teach your skills to others
  • In a world of tech consumers, you’re becoming an empowered builder…
Nice work!
So don’t stop here. Why not master a topic right now?

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