Monday, April 15, 2013

Data Unit: Day 8

(This is a day by day of the Data: Lets do the Numbers Unit in CS Principles. The overview is here.)


Cartoon from the National Archive 1919  - Redrawing Europe's Map

Today the students finished the data portfolios.

I had been thinking this had to be a paper - it is funny in teaching, we tend to fall back to that, worksheets and papers.

When I came in today and reread the requirements I found:

A collaboratively developed artifact that communicates a detailed description of your  group’s investigation, the questions, and your collective findings.  You may use any form  of digital artifact (e.g., a report, video, presentation, visualization, or combinations of  these) that allows you to best communicate your investigation and findings.  You and  your partner will each submit the same artifact.  
So much better. Some groups did Prezis, some did Power Points. Some went ahead and wrote a paper.

They finished these with enough time to their individual reflections.

An individually written document that addresses the investigation. Each group member  must write her/his own individual document. In writing the individual document you  must adhere to the Task description above and the Requirements description below in  supplying details of your investigation.  

So with the proper setup we finished it in three class days.

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