Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CS Principles Pilot Curriculum - an Update

Whew, busy!

This year has been crazy, but the good kind. Over the past two days I have updated my list of what we are doing in the CS Principles Pilot so far this year. If you are interested, the list is here:

Etsy shop that was selling the flashcards

Let me tell you, we've been busy. Digging into what we have covered so far gives me hope we are really moving towards something.

A side note, the Performance Tasks (nee Portfolio Assessments) have just been updated. If you are in any way working on the CS Principles project you ought to take a look. Of special interest is the new Impact PT that replaces the Internet one from the past two years.

A technique I am using this year goes back to my days as a debater. I have printed out all of the Learning Objectives on flash cards. Each time I lesson plan on a particular topic I pull the cards that relate. This approach has really let me see the connections in the topics as we go through the material, and has sparked some new ideas for journal topics.

If there is any interest let me know and I can try to post the flash cards as a pdf for folks to print out.

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