Saturday, October 19, 2013

CSTA Chapter Toolkit

I have had a few CSTA folks ask, so here are some tools we've been using for the CSTA - Central VA Chapter.

The hardest part of running a chapter is communication - who is a member? How do we let folks know about meetings? I have found this collection of tools really helps.

  • Dominoes Pizza App - because pizza makes things better. It also lets you save a standard order to speed things up. We have some gluten free folks, so we use Dominoes. Insert Foodstuff of choice.
  • Doodle Poll- lets you easily poll several people to find a common meeting time. We use this when the leadrship team needs to meet.
  • Evite - We use these for chapter meetings. It really helps since it lets folks RSVP so you have an idea of how many folks to expect.
  • Facebook - I put all the links here and meeting info. A lot of folks start with Facebook searches.
  • Google Contacts- I keep our membership list here and have a canned response saved every time we get a new member.
  • Mail Chimp - We use this to create a membership form. In hindsight I could have used a Google form too. Here is what the page looks like.
  • Wordpress - This is our chapter's main landing page. I have it set so I can post using emails, and this email is included in our distribution list, so any updates or Evites I send to the chapter are automatically posted on the blog. Warning - don't put personal phone numbers in these emails, not that I have done this or anything...

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